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A Powerful feature-packed digital e-buttwa application development software that seamlessly manages your business with payments, promotions, and much more. Our e-buttwa script is packed with easy integrations,complete online onboarding, unique UI design, user-friendly interface, striking color themes and etc…

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Secure and Reliable

We have developed an e-wallet solution by getting through algorithms & procedures, to ensure one's account acting against an unapproved entry. So it is safe, secure, and reliable to use

Safe Card Usage

Our White label e-wallet system uses mastercard protected code and confirmed by visa systems to make sure only applicable card payments are processed

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security layer for your e-buttwa account, which is intended to guarantee that you're the main individual who can get into the account


Scan & Pay

Customers can pay for their buying, just by scanning the QR Code of the merchants via E-Buttwa app

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs can be offered to the E-Buttwa users while purchasing their favorites based on the takeaways

Instant Notifications

Get instant notifications, if any feeds had been posted by the merchant through the E-Buttwa solution


Book tickets for the events posted by the merchants using the digital E-buttwa app

Load, Send & Request Money

Customers can load, send & request money to their fellow peers, agents with a E-Buttwa app


Exclusive Online and Offline coupons can be offered to the digital E-Buttwa customers.

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    Using I was able to build the SAAS of my dreams. It was so easy to get started and customize. Now, I'm living off of the income that my Software as a Service has generated.
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    Creating a Software as a Service is now easier than ever . I was able to save my development team hundreds of hours of work!
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    I wish I had known It's the best solution for creating the Software as a Service of your dreams.

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